Are you looking for the best providers of aerial photography in San Francisco Bay Area? There is no need to look any further. We are here to share our knowledge and skills with you. At Senord, we have a competent team, state-of-the-art technology, and the commitment to provide nothing but the best for our clients. We do real estate aerial photography, as well as other services, including boat photography or any other that requires video drone. Our aerial photography services are guaranteed to not only meet, but even exceed your expectations.


Our Services


Generally speaking, the following are some of the aerial photography services that we are offering at Senord:


  • Straight down Photography: Also known as vertical photography, this is useful in being able to highlight the surroundings, such as streets, open spaces, lush greeneries, and coast line. This is excellent for resorts and farms aerial photography, among others, because of its vast coverage and viewpoint.
  • Oblique Photography: These are also known as angle aerial shots, which can be either taken from a low or high angle. They are useful in highlighting designs of buildings. It is an excellent choice for real estate photography, especially when highlighting the architectural features of a house or hotel.
  • Close-Up Photography: This can help to effectively highlight certain features of a property. For instance, it can show a close look at the pool or the well-manicured landscape.
  • Distant Aerial Photography: In this case, the coverage is wider. In real estate aerial photography, it covers not only the property but the entire community as well. It is as if you are already depicting a map.
  • Objects in Motion: This is ideal for boat photography or for any other instances wherein the subject is moving.

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Applications of Our Aerial Photography Services


Our aerial photography can be useful for various applications, including the following:


  • Promoting a Property: Whether you are selling a house or advertising a hotel, among others, our 360 panoramic photography can help. We can create stunning photos and videos, which will help in creating an engaging marketing campaign. For sure, this will make it easier to captivate the attention of your prospects.
  • Construction Planning and Development: We also do engineering aerial shoot. This is going to be vital in the commencement of any construction project. It will provide project managers with a clearer picture of the entire site, which will be instrumental in planning.
  • Special Event Coverage: Our drone photography services can also be useful beyond real estate. If you have any special events being planned in San Francisco Bay Area  and if you need photography services, get in touch with us, and we will extend a helping hand. We can provide you with stunning aerial photos that will capture the event.